Next-generation encrypted chat, social, banking and AI platform, with a charitable component, designed to potentially make YOU money & help reduce extreme global poverty!

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RUON AI is a social media platform with banking capabilities that are built in part on a space-based blockchain. The platform promotes free speech while minimizing hate speech and online trolls.

RUON AI is a social media platform, launched in collaboration with its partner SovereignSky, to provide aid to the most disadvantaged people on the globe in an effort to help reduce extreme poverty.



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Post. Stream. Earn. Spend. Give Back.

This is going to change the world and you can be a part of it.


Get paid every time you post and take advantage of our features to promote yourself and your cause.


Build video channels & stories, earn by selling products & ad space.


Earn RUON tokens instead of “Likes” and sell Amazon & Alibaba products in your own curated store on the RUON platform.


Spend your earnings online or offline, using your own RUON VISA debit card.


Donate a percentage of your RUON earnings to a person in need or charitable cause.

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RUON AI, in conjunction with SovereignSky, is dedicated to using its technology to help reduce global poverty.

Within just a decade, mankind may be well on the way to ending extreme world poverty. A new, encrypted blockchain network is poised to connect billions of people in the developed world to those underdeveloped world.

A near indestructible banking, financial system, and global currency that exists in space, largely invulnerable to the effects of war, conflict, solar flare events, and other catastrophes on earth has now been developed.

This might sound like the premise for a sci-fi novel – and you would be right. The very concept came from RUON AI founder Timothy E. Burke. 

For Mr. Burke’s sci-fi space opera movie “Planet X,” what began as a movie concept on a hypervelocity star system far away, is now becoming a reality here on Earth.

Click here to read more on the SovereignSky satellite launch:

RUON wants to help save the world.

Please read our Space Charity Presentation here:

Our Partners



A ‘jurisdiction aware’ blockchain, built from a combination of EOS & bitshares.



Satellie network & space-based blockchain.



Stan Larimer’s leading blockchain software development house. Developers of BEOS space-based blockchain.



RUON AI’s platform exchange partner.



RUON Coin Listing Advisory partner.



RUON Coin listing advisory partner.

Product Roadmap.

RUON AI Partner SovereignSky Launches Satellite

Q4 – 2018

SpaceQuest launched the first QSAT to be tested for SovereignSky’s blockchain-in-space, onboard Elon Musk’s SpaceX, in December 2018. With the end goal being to help reduce extreme global poverty.

RUON AI Platform Development

Q2 – 2019

Development of RUON homepages, profile pages, chat, DM, video calls, video channels, post tools, UIGs, multi-blockchain Rune wallets, account setting tools, charity pages, MyStory Channels, Content Views, Encrypted Video Calling.

Development of token rewards for content posting.

RUON AI’s partner SovereignSky Completes Blockchain Satellite Commissioning

Q3 – 2019

Blockchain build begins early 2019, a hybrid of EOS & Bitshares, called BEOS. BEOS goes live in May 2019 & July 2019 its tokens are listed on DEEX. In Q4, 2019 BEOS was compressed and uploaded to an AS-5 satellite to create the world’s first blockchain in space.


RUON Ltd. Files Patents, Licensed to RUON AI

Q3 – 2019

RUON Ltd. files a patent application covering aspects of: 

  • Future life & social intelligence
  • Space-based blockchain banking systems
  • Content ranking and rewarding algorithm
  • AI & social app algorithms
  • Saving lives before they are endangered
  • Space-based blockchain for a One World, One Network

RUON Face Filters & MVP In Development & Testing

Q3 – 2019

RUON AI MVP App finished and ready for deployment. Please see:

RUON AI partner, SovereignSky, Successfully Processes One of the First Blockchain Transactions in Space

Q4 – 2019

SovereignSky leads the space race becoming one of the first companies to 1) launch blockchain satellite 2) upload their blockchain and 3) successfully processes one of the first blockchain transactions on its way to a ‘One World, One Network’ and its mission to help eradicate global poverty.

RUON AI Seeks Partnerships with Top Celebrities on Social Media

Q1 – 2020

RUON AI launches a global search for celebrities and influencers with whom to partner.

Press Release (2020)

RUON Music Editor BETA Release

Q2 – 2021

Please see Preview Video here:


Download our latest space charity deck here.

SOVEREIGNSKY Purchase Order for 8 QSats from SpaceQuest received.

Q4 – 2021

Please click here for purchase order.

RUON Partners with Planet X NFT Web3 project

Q4 – 2021 Article on Web3 Hollywood Metaverse & RUON Collaboration.

Stan Larimer SovereignSky partners with Mission Space to launch QSats

Q2 – 2022

“Our mission is to design, launch and operate the world’s first constellation of up to four orbiting space-based optical telescopes, placing space exploration at the fingertips of everyone.”
— Bjarni Tryggvason Retired Space Shuttle Astronaut and Co-Founder of Mission Space

The Rebels behind the Revolution.

Meet the blockchain team experts, the idealists, the sci-fi visionaries, space technicians and the rebels that are revolutionizing social media and helping save the world.

Timothy E. Burke

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, Co-Founder RUON AI & Sovereignsky Creator, Writer of ‘Planet X’and Exec. Producer on Lionsgate films with with Gary Oldman & Jessica Alba. Creator of Movie Metaverse to be powered by RUON.

Timothy E. Burke

JC Oliver

Microsoft Global HD of Innovation, Chief Creative Officer AOL, Renown Global Keynote Speaker and Top Advisor to Blockchains & Crypto Startups. Founder of Unlockd & Edison X, Founding Member Digital Futures Council.

JC Oliver

Stan Larimer

Co-Founder RUON AI and SovereignSky. Co-Founder Bitshares, Steamit & BEOS Blockchains. Co-Founder Cryptonomex & Hyperion Lab.

Stan Larimer

John Bosworth

RUON AI’s Chief Investment Officer. 25 years experience in the financial sector, both in public and private markets. Enjoys billiards and backgammon. His good looks only surpassed by his charm, wit and wisdom.

John Bosworth

Dino Lorenzi

CEO SpaceQuest. Director on the Apollo Lunar Module, Peacekeeper Missile Guidance System & NAVSTAR Global Positioning System. Founder and President of EYETEL International.

Dino Lorenzi

Alicia Godmasch

RUON AI’s Director of Marketing and Sales. Global media marketing exec. film producer & author. Associate Producer.

Alicia Godmasch

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Together we can provide for and protect our children, save and preserve our wildlife and eradicate extreme global poverty by 2032.

Timothy E. Burke
RUON AI & SovereignSky Co-Founder
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