The Future of Social Media

Designed to make you money and keep you in better communication with your family, friends and followers.
RUON AI will be a highly sophisticated, next generation, Artificial Intelligence social media, chat, banking mobile application and digital currency built on space-based blockchain SovereignSky.
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The future of social media

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  • It's pay day!

    RUON AI is being created with a highly sophisticated patent pending AI technology that is designed to make you money every time you use it.
    • Posting content
    • Liking content
    • Joining UIG's
    • Streaming mySTORY
    • Inviting friends to join
    The company is currently submitting over 250 pages of advanced patent pending IP technology in the areas of: AI algorithms, next generation social media, revenue and user generation content, advanced life technology, future sight, space-based blockchain and its "One world, One network" concept to help eradicate extreme global poverty with SovereignSky. For more information click here.
    Our seven key rules to making a more trustworthy and better social media network to rival Facebook are:
    • Full encryption & privacy on every message
    • You own your data
    • We don't sell or use any of your data without your permission
    • We don't advertise using your data without your permission
    • We don't hide our privacy or advertising guidelines
    • We don't deliver adverts by listening to your calls or reading your text messages without you realizing
    • We're trying to help save the World, first and foremost and not hell-bent on making money selling your data

    A new AI social media company and chat application that promotes honesty with full transparency and end-to-end encrypted privacy to keep your data safe.

    10 reasons why you'll love us

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      RUON AI is currently submitting 250 pages of patent pending AI algorithm, social media and space-based blockchain technology to make your life less stressful and easier to manage.
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      Choose a store and start selling products to your friends & followers instantly.
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      RUON AI provides the stores, products, all postage, handling and shipping. All you do is promote the store and make money.
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      Categorize all your friends for easy communication. (Friends, inner circle, nightlife friends, business & potential dates).
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      Instantly group text these categories of friends OR choose to see their profile feeds.
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      Going out, throwing a party, cooking dinner, promoting a new business? Broadcast messages to these categories quickly and easily.
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      RUON AI will find you the perfect female/male match displaying hundreds of users that perfectly match your romance criteria, all on one page for quick browsing.
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      RUON AI has been designed to automatically send out physical birthday presents based on your family & friends posts and online activity.
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      Join User Interest Groups (UIGs) and instantly build a follow from thousands of users with similar interests as you.
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      Help make the world a better place. RUON AI is designed to help people in need around the world with upto 97.5% of your donations going directly to the person in need. See how it works here.

    The project is so all-encompassing it has taken some of the smartest, most visionary minds in blockchain, aerospace, mobile technology, and even science fiction to achieve its grand vision.
    Stan Larimer
    Co-Founder and CTO

    JC Oliver

    JC Oliver is an award winning digital creative. Joins RUON AI from being Global Head of Innovation at Microsoft for 9 years and Global Chief Creative Officer at Verizon/AOL//Yahoo! Master keynote speaker & tech extraordinaire...

    JC Oliver

    JC Oliver is an award winning digital creative, strategist, evangelist, futurist, investor & advisor with over 25 years global media experience. He recently launched his own innovation agency 31Flavas which he runs alongside his roles as Global Chief Creative Officer of Unlockd & EdisonX.

    His passion is across both Digital Marketing/Transformation, Business Strategy & Innovation. His ideal drop off is the intersection of creativity & business fused with tech & science which he defines as the next big growth marketing opportunity.

    JC has spent his career in variety of roles crafting ideas & munging them together with emerging tech to amplify & translate brand comms into immersive audience centric experiences.

    In 2016 he left his role as Global Chief Creative Officer at Verizon/AOL/Microsoft/Yahoo! Network (now Oath ) after spending the previous 9 years as Microsoft’s Global Head of Innovation.

    He delivers myriad thought leading presentations at industry conferences, digital schools and to clients & agencies on how the next creative revolution is upon us and ready to transform everything.

    Timothy E. Burke
    Co-Founder & Creative Director

    He is the visionary Inventor of RUON AI & SovereignSky, Sci-fi Writer/Co-director on 'Planet X' where concept of SovereignAid was born. Exec. Producer on Lionsgate's Killers Anonymous with Jessica Alba / Gary Oldman, founder of Hollywood's MovieFund...

    Timothy E. Burke
    Co-Founder & Creative Director

    Tim is our Founding Father! He is the visionary Inventor of RUON AI & SovereignSky, the concept of SovereignAid, Founder of Hollywood's now famous MovieFund, currently being rebooted on SovereignSky blockchain, Writer and Co-Director on "Planet X" and executive producer on Lionsgate's "Killers Anonymous" which stars 2018's Oscar winner Gary Oldman and Jessica Alba. He and Marvel's Jeff Habberstad - (Doctor Strange, Iron Man 3, Captain Marvel, Antman and the Wasp) will co-direct his ancient alien epic which has been described in the Huffington Post as like 'Star Wars on Steroids'. The very concept of SovereignSky and beaming cryptocurrency from space, in fact came from - and will make up - part of the currency in the Planet X Movie. His vision is clear. Like no other social media, banking and shopping platform on the planet, RUON AI is set to completely revolutionize life online and aims to help eradicate global poverty at the same time. Tim sums up RUON AI in five words. Post. Stream. Earn. Spend. Give.

    Stan Larimer
    Co-Founder and CTO

    This pioneering team includes Stan Larimer, The ‘Godfather of Bitshares’. Stan Larimer is a prolific Blogger, Keynote Speaker and expert Consultant on real...

    Stan Larimer
    Co-Founder and CTO

    This pioneering team includes Stan Larimer, The ‘Godfather of Bitshares’.

    Stan Larimer is a prolific Blogger, Keynote Speaker and expert Consultant on real-time industrial grade digital currencies. He is CEO of Cryptonomex, the originator of blockchain technology, which currently processes over half of all public blockchain transactions in the world. These include BitShares, Steemit, Peerplays, Muse, Golos, and next year EOS. BitShares and Steemit each exceed Bitcoin and Ethereum combined records for daily transactions and together they surpass the rest of the industry.

    Stan has used his MSEE degree to teach rocket science at the US Air Force Academy and to develop unmanned air, ground, sea and space 'drones' for 40 years with aerospace giants such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, and SAIC. “He Co-founded Invictus Innovations in 2013, Cryptonomex in 2015, Steemit in 2016, and Heronomex, and Hypernomex in 2017, Quintric, Sovereign Sky, Ruon, Biquitous, Terradacs, BEOS Limited Cooperative Association, and Mission Space in 2018.”

    Stan has over 40 years experience in software, hardware, and systems engineering, program management, business development and even teaching rocket science at the US Air Force Academy. Contributing to 17 different R&D programs for air, ground, sea and space systems, Stan is now building a new industry to develop unmanned companies that produce smart currencies and other decentralized financial services.

    Larry Castro
    RUON App Development

    Larry is the CEO of Stealth Grid™. Following Larry’s vision, Stealth Grid™ has embarked on developing, testing and eventually releasing the very first, ent...

    Larry Castro
    RUON App Development

    Larry is the CEO of Stealth Grid™.

    Following Larry’s vision, Stealth Grid™ has embarked on developing, testing and eventually releasing the very first, entirely encrypted mobile phone. Larry is a recognized leader in cyber security, with more than 30 years’ experience. Larry is a polished Business Strategist and Visionary who has been successful in identifying opportunities, developing corporate strategy, licensing, digital platforms, mergers & acquisitions, startups, and capitalization strategy. He recently served as an Executive for a cross platform technology that was brought to the public market through his strategies and execution. He serves as an active Advisor to several technology and sports entertainment companies and has served as the Director and Founding CEO at multiple companies including his latest venture Stealth Grid™.

    Stealth Grid™ is establishing itself as a leading provider of cyber security solutions. It's unique combination of cutting edge technology and vast expertise in cyber security are essential in dealing with the complexities of today's cyber attacks. Larry, Stealth Grid's CEO and Technical Founder, brings together his team's experience in enterprise security, fraud prevention and IoT technology to help develop Stealth Grid's innovative solutions.

    STEALTHGRID INC. (including STEALTHCLOUDTM, STEALTHCRYPTOTM, AND STEALTH IoTTM) provides leading edge solutions to guard against cyber theft ($ & IP), cybercrime, cyber fraud, cyber terrorism and IoT data breeches. With groundbreaking technology and unparalleled manageability, Stealth Grid™ is enabling consumers and businesses to rapidly protect their data in the cloud, on their devices, as well as email, phone, video chat and the IoT communications.

    Dino Lorenzi
    RUON, Space Agency Partner

    Dino Lorenzi is President at SpaceQuest, Ltd. the leading developer of advanced satellite technology for governments, universities and commercial use since 1...

    Dino Lorenzi
    RUON, Space Agency Partner

    Dino Lorenzi is President at SpaceQuest, Ltd. the leading developer of advanced satellite technology for governments, universities and commercial use since 1994. Dino specialises in the design, development, testing and manufacture of spacecraft as well as space and ground components for operation with low earth orbiting satellites.

    Through innovative designs and the latest electronic technology, SpaceQuest is building satellites and satellite components faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

    SpaceQuest specializes in Microsatellite RF and power components, communications enabled microsatellites, earth station equipment, and S-AIS data and payloads.

    Connecting Millennials and the Mass Market to Electronic Currency and the Blockchain World.

    RUON AI is a development stage, easy-to-navigate, user friendly mobile app designed in a way that allows millennials to send and earn coins by engaging with their online community. It aims to be a fun, user-friendly experience to connect with friends, stream live videos, and make money all at the same time.
    • The world’s first AI text and direct messaging app in development to keep you better connected with all your old friends and new contacts.
    • Post. Stream. Earn. Spend. Give. Likes are so last year. Now your friends & followers will be able to attach RUON coins to your every post or mySTORY.
    • RUON AI's Unique Interest Groups (UIG's) aims to give you the ability to connect with tens of thousands of people with similar interests.
    • RUON AI and SovereignSky have partnered to help eradicate global poverty by 2032 by encouraging our users to give back.
    • RUON AI is designed to make you money. Providing 27 revenue streams for our users to earn RUON coins - the new social media currency.
      RUON AI hopes to be a game changer in the social media, cryptocurrency, and blockchain spheres and aims to connect you to the world in a way you never thought possible.

      RUON AI Artificial Intelligence is here.

      Never forget that special person again!
      The important, ground-breaking element of artificial intelligence (AI) is being developed with the goal of reminding you of birthdays and events while making personalized gift suggestions.


      RUON AI is being created to be the only social media app that will allow you to earn real money and RUON coins for posting pictures, uploading myVIDEO stories, and live streaming. Expertly designed to reward you for your contribution to the network.


      RUON AI’s goal is to make it incredibly easy to set up and run your live stream channel from anywhere at anytime all while earning RUON coins.


      RUON AI aims to instantly make you money as soon as you sign up, both cryptocurrency, by way of RUON AI, or FIAT currency in Dollars ($), Euros (E), or Sterling (£).


      Within the Ruon AI App, we are developing a BITSHARES & EOS integrated digital wallet for swapping all your RUON AI & cryptocurrency and a smart card that will allow you to spend what you earn.


      RUON AI’s mission is to connect people on a global scale with the goal of eradicating poverty and helping those in need. With the RUON App, we expect to be able to send cryptocurrency from donors around the world directly to people-in-need with the integrated ability to discover villages and people-in-need directly on the RUON App.

      App Features.

      User Interest Groups (UIG's) - A revolutionary way to meet new friends.

      Using RUON's User Interest Groups (UIG's), you’ll instantly receive thousands of followers with similar interests as your own. Our UIG's will change the way you meet new friends and followers and can instantly create a market place and customers for all your work projects and white-label stores created on RUON AI.

      Sell your everyday items in exchange for electronic currency.

      RUON AI will be releasing an Ebay and Craigslist-style product platform allowing you to buy and sell items in exchange for Bitcoin, RUON or other digital assets and currencies. This powerful shopping and buying platform will help revolutionize online e-commerce on the blockchain.

      Earn electronic currency every time you post on the RUON AI platform!

      RUON AI has submitted patent-pending technology allowing you to earn RUON every time you post. Exchange RUON for other cryptocurrency or FIAT currency inside RUON’s multi-blockchain digital wallet allowing for the buying, selling, trading, sending and receiving of RUON, Sovereign, EOS, Ethereum, Bitcoin and over 1,500 other cryptos subject to the necessary authorizations and registrations being obtained.

      Sending and receiving money at a fraction of the cost.

      Use RUON AI to send and receive money instantly with a fraction of the fees of traditional methods. Your family, friends, and people in need, will receive it instantly and can access these funds immediately with their RUON smart card. Please see how RUON AI and SovereignSky are are trying to help the 3rd World click here.

      Safe communications with military grade encryption & privacy built-in.

      RUON AI will be using military grade encryption powered by Stealthgrid technology with end-to-end privacy built-in to ensure maxim confidentiality, and to provide smooth and secure communication and transactions between your family or business contacts.

      Did you know 70% of posts aren't seen. View hundreds of posts instantly.

      Now you can choose which feed you'd like to view. Select your close friends, family or business contacts or people with similar interests. Once selected RUON AI is building a unique interface allowing you to view hundreds of profile or mySTORIES all at the same time, rather than having to scroll through feeds, so you don't ever miss anything.

      That's been said.

      "Together we can Provide and Protect Our Children. Save and Preserve Our Wildlife. Eradicate Extreme Global Poverty by 2032."

      Timothy E. Burke

      Timothy E. Burke

      SovereignAid’s Founder
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