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Our Strategic Partners

"The project is so all-encompassing it has taken some of the smartest, most visionary minds in blockchain, aerospace, mobile technology, and even science fiction to achieve its grand vision."
Stan Larimer
founder of EOS, Steemit, Bitshares
#Imagine Instagram & Amazon had a baby? That's RUON.

RUON has a patented hashtag you can sell & earn from.


  • Bulk import all social contacts
  • Run your own Chat Rooms
  • Bulk Follow other Users
  • Build Interest Groups
  • Boost your posts
  • Buy Interest Group Followers
  • View hundreds of posts in a glance


  • Create video stories
  • Create Video Channels
  • Sell Ads in Channels
  • Sell your video stories


  • Earn from videos
  • Earn from hashtags
  • Earn from selling in Marketplace
  • Earn from posting, sharing & liking
  • Earn from selling Amazon + Alibaba products


  • Send and receive money
  • Trade, swap or buy Cryptocurrencies
  • Spend offline using RUON Debit Card


  • Pledge % of your RUON earnings
  • Donate to charity projects
  • Track Charity Projects
The Technology

The Technology

  • RUON owns its own Blockchain
  • RUON owns its own Mobile Network
  • RUON is powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • RUON is built with Military Grade Encryption

The Team


JC Oliver

Global Hd of Innovation Microsoft, COO AOL, Startup Advisor.

JC Oliver


JC Oliver is an award winning digital creative, strategist, evangelist, futurist, investor & advisor with over 25 years global media experience. He recently launched his own innovation agency 31Flavas which he runs alongside his roles as Global Chief Creative Officer of Unlockd & EdisonX.

His passion is across both Digital Marketing/Transformation, Business Strategy & Innovation. His ideal drop off is the intersection of creativity & business fused with tech & science which he defines as the next big growth marketing opportunity.

JC has spent his career in variety of roles crafting ideas & munging them together with emerging tech to amplify & translate brand comms into immersive audience centric experiences.

In 2016 he left his role as Global Chief Creative Officer at Verizon/AOL/Microsoft/Yahoo! Network (now Oath ) after spending the previous 9 years as Microsoft’s Global Head of Innovation.

He delivers myriad thought leading presentations at industry conferences, digital schools and to clients & agencies on how the next creative revolution is upon us and ready to transform everything.


Tim Burke
Marketing / Founder

Cofounder SovereignSky & multiple entertainment Startups, Movie Producer.

Tim Burke
Marketing / Founder

Tim is our Founding Father! He is the visionary Inventor of RUON AI & SovereignSky, the concept of SovereignAid, Founder of Hollywood's now famous MovieFund, currently being rebooted on SovereignSky blockchain, Writer and Co-Director on "Planet X" and executive producer on Lionsgate's "Killers Anonymous" which stars 2018's Oscar winner Gary Oldman and Jessica Alba. He and Marvel's Jeff Habberstad - (Doctor Strange, Iron Man 3, Captain Marvel, Antman and the Wasp) will co-direct his ancient alien epic which has been described in the Huffington Post as like 'Star Wars on Steroids'. The very concept of SovereignSky and beaming cryptocurrency from space, in fact came from - and will make up - part of the currency in the Planet X Movie. His vision is clear. Like no other social media, banking and shopping platform on the planet, RUON AI is set to completely revolutionize life online and aims to help eradicate global poverty at the same time. Tim sums up RUON AI in five words. Post. Stream. Earn. Spend. Give.

Stan Larimer
Co-Founder and CTO

Cofounder of EOS, Steemit & inventor of Graphene Technology.

Stan Larimer
Co-Founder and CTO


This pioneering team includes Stan Larimer, The ‘Godfather of Bitshares’.

Stan Larimer is a prolific Blogger, Keynote Speaker and expert Consultant on real-time industrial grade digital currencies. He is CEO of Cryptonomex, the originator of blockchain technology, which currently processes over half of all public blockchain transactions in the world. These include BitShares, Steemit, Peerplays, Muse, Golos, and next year EOS. BitShares and Steemit each exceed Bitcoin and Ethereum combined records for daily transactions and together they surpass the rest of the industry.

Stan has used his MSEE degree to teach rocket science at the US Air Force Academy and to develop unmanned air, ground, sea and space 'drones' for 40 years with aerospace giants such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, and SAIC. “He Co-founded Invictus Innovations in 2013, Cryptonomex in 2015, Steemit in 2016, and Heronomex, and Hypernomex in 2017, Quintric, Sovereign Sky, Ruon, Biquitous, Terradacs, BEOS Limited Cooperative Association, and Mission Space in 2018.”

Stan has over 40 years experience in software, hardware, and systems engineering, program management, business development and even teaching rocket science at the US Air Force Academy. Contributing to 17 different R&D programs for air, ground, sea and space systems, Stan is now building a new industry to develop unmanned companies that produce smart currencies and other decentralized financial services.