A brief history of Internet revolution and the rise of blockchain technology

Today's digital citizens have seen more than one revolution in cyberspace. After the advent of the internet, first for academic and recreational purposes, and then for business - came the rise of domineering social media giants, such as Facebook, Instagram and WeChat and Next in line entertainment and shopping service platforms like Amazon and Netflix. But still, we have not seen the end of cybernated history - the digital evolution and revolution continues at pace as AI and blockchain technology begin to take over as the new Internet 4.0.
Currently, blockchain technology is at a similar stage as the internet was in the 1990's. RUON AI’s founders, Timothy E. Burke & Stan Larimer, have found that there is huge potential that has not yet been realized within the blockchain space as it pertains to social media. Just like the internet, blockchain promises not only a couple of useful applications for social media but a whole new ecosystem. Internet4.0 - it is the future ecosystem of a new, free-world of the “electronic currency generation.” Our vision is that this new “social media currency” and blockchain potential will be realized through RUON AI and used within its social media mobile application and global marketplaces.


RUON AI comprises of a mobile application, RUON App, and a social media currency (SMC), RUON Coin. The RUON App aims to connect friends, users, followers, customers and companies on a global scale in ways never thought possible. The RUON App is designed to make you money providing users with 27 unique revenue streams and keeping YOU in better communication with all your old friends and new contacts.
The App will connect everyone with a sleek user interface, and designed for followers to award users with RUON coins for posts, uploading mySTORIES, live-streaming, and interacting with the network.

Our Mission

The future of social media is here. Welcome to the Revolution. Join RUON today.