The RUON App

The RUON App aims to change how we connect on social media.
From advanced ways of finding a like-minded audience and new followers utilizing the User Interest Groups (UIGs), to the AI functionalities, to the Marketplace for small and large businesses alike, and for the individuals’ ability to earn RUON coins.
The RUON App

Expertly designed to making you money and reward you for your contribution to the network.


Likes are so last year! Post pictures and upload to mySTORY and receive RUON coins from your followers. It’s really that simple. RUON AI is integrating cryptocurrency rewards that can be exchanged for real money and transferred straight to your bank using the RUON Smart Wallet.


RUON AI is developing a BITSHARES & EOS integrated Digital Wallet for swapping all your RUON coins with an integrated RUON smart card that allows you to spend the you earn within the apps marketplace.


RUON AI has made it incredibly easy to set up and run your live-stream channel from anywhere, anytime. Your followers will be able to send you RUON coins and write encouraging messages in real time.


RUON AI hopes to inspire its community to give back. RUON AI will make it possible to send donations directly to charities and individuals all over the globe instantly.


RUON AI is being expertly designed with 27 revenue streams to help you start making money as soon as you sign up. Users will earn RUON coins from followers which can be converted to FIAT currency in Dollars ($) Euros (€) or Sterling (£).

Likes are so last year!

Send a RUON instead..
RUON AI is being expertly designed to instantly start making you money as soon as you sign up. RUON coins will be earned through all your social media activity on the app. RUON can then be traded for bitcoin, other cryptocurrency, or spent directly on RUON’s cryptocurrency smart card that you receive when downloading the app.
User INterest Groups

User Interest Groups.

A revolutionary way to meet new friends.
Ability to instantly make money with dedicated stores.
With RUON AI, you will be able to set up and promote your dedicated store to your niche UIG. Instantly, sell your products to targeted users who are genuinely interested in them.
Connect with Like-Minded Users.
Share your love of art, nutrition & fitness, music, fashion, or tons of other interest groups with thousands of like-minded users so you can see the content you want to see.


Sell your unwanted everyday items in exchange for cryptocurrency.
RUON AI is developing a user-friendly, marketplace-style product platform that will allow users to buy and sell items in exchange for BTC or RUON coin.
  • Use Marketplace to list, feature, and promote different items.
  • Spend RUON coins to buy sponsored links and market your items in story feed ads and promoted posts.
  • Promote Marketplace goods on UIG's, blockchain search engine results, chatrooms, and story feeds.
  • Create and distribute banner ads across the RUON App social network to promote your listing.


The world's first decentralized search engine.
RUON AI is developing a dedicated search engine for everything blockchain, and it offers content owners the possibility of paying for adverts to be placed at the top of directory listing pages.
  • Content owners pay with RUON coins to get the search engine spider bot code to have their blockchain projects show up.
  • Advertisers will have the capability of using PPC to list stores, profile pages, ICO's, and company information within the directory listing results.


RUON AI is developing a BITSHARES & EOS integrated digital wallet for swapping all your RUON coins & cryptocurrency.
You will now have your own digital wallet connected to your RUON smart card.
In 'myWALLET' you can see your daily banking activity in a number of cryptocurrencies including RUON, Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, and others.
Users will be able to use RUON AI to order an online or physical RUON debit cryptocurrency smart card in myWALLET.
  • To pay the small atomic swap fee when exchanging RUON B and RUON A+ tokens.
  • To cover a small fee when users send RUON and other cryptocurrency to each other.
  • Use RUON to order an online or physical RUON debit cryptocurrency smart card.
  • RUON can be used to pay a small fee when converting FIAT currency to cryptocurrency or vice versa.
  • Gas charges are covered with RUON for large transactions above $50,000.

RUON Smart Card.

Earn RUON coins ONLINE and SPEND them in the REAL WORLD with the RUON Smart Card.
RUON Smart Card
A smarter card for a smarter generation.
We couldn't imagine the world's most revolutionary Artificial intelligence (AI) social media app without thinking about your every day needs.
Therefore, RUON comes with its own debit smart card, which allows you to spend the RUON you've earned or been sent within the app.
RUON Smart Card
 Discover Blockchain!

Discover Blockchain!

Explore - Find - Trust.
  • To list companies
  • To list tokens & ICO's
  • For PPC advertising
  • For advertising banners
  • For sponsored links
  • For sponsored listings
  • To promote within directories
Daily Status Updates

Daily Status Updates

Got something to say? Well, SPEAK UP!
RUON AI also provides an online news and micro blogging service. Post micro content, tag other users, send direct messages, and interact with other users.
  • Use RUON AI for advertising your mySTATUS update.
  • Receive RUON coins from PPC advertising within your mySTATUS page.
  • Sponsor links with your mySTATUS page.
  • Buy banner adverts.
  • Promote your status update and profile page in news feeds.
Daily Status Updates

Exclusive VIP area

In app marketplace for Accredited and KYC approved RUON token holders.
Be part of RUON investors and lifestyle VIP members' club. List your investments and luxury projects, message other investors or purchase luxury goods listed and displayed on RUON.
  • To list companies
  • To list tokens & ICO's
  • For PPC advertising
  • For advertising banners
  • For sponsored links
  • For sponsored listings
  • To promote within directories

Live Chat box

RUON has finally ARRIVED and it has a LIVE CHAT box!
RUON has been expertly designed to provide news channels and mobile blogs so you can quickly generate revenue. Since the dawn of the internet, users have wanted to share their thoughts, images and stories, promoted under their name, chosen brand or blog name. As the world spends more of its time on mobile than desktop, RUON has now made it incredibly easy to set up and run your own news channel, in an easy to view and share news channel page.