RUON runs on a StealthCrypto® phone.

The first phone with security in mind to guarantee the total privacy of communications and ensure no data breaches are possible.
RUON runs on a StealthCrypto® phone

The StealthCrypto® Phone will encrypt your communication with cryptographic protocols to send and receive emails, chat, and make calls without ever having to worry about your privacy.

The full disk split encryption, that will be securing your data, files, operating system, and software programs, ensures that even if the StealthCrypto® Phone gets in the wrong hands, no information can be extracted.

The StealthCrypto® OS is being developed for our mobile solutions with a location tracking feature rooted out making it nearly impossible to localize the device.

Our mobile solutions are being developed with an IMSI catcher detector that detects suspicious cellular activity and stingray devices as well as alerts you right away to ensure no wiretapping attempt can succeed.

StealthCrypto® OS is being designed with a state of the art, multi-layered military-grade protection and end to end encryption, to make data breaches practically impossible.


The First Secure - Safe - Healthy Phone
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The StealthCrypto® phone’s hardware is being specially selected with security in mind to guarantee total privacy of user communication and ensure no data breaches are possible, while preserving the core functionalities users expect from a smartphone.
This device is being designed with high performance hardware that you can enable or disable through its administration system. Furthermore, it will have a locked bootloader that makes any attempt to adjust the phone to automatically wipe all information from it, This ensures an additional security level protecting users from any attempts to manually extract information.
Self-Forming Quantum Mesh Networks

Self-Forming Quantum Mesh Networks

Ad-hoc wireless mesh networks with multi hop functionality. This is one of the key network technologies that solve the "last mile" problem, bridging the gap between nodes that are just out of range (Node B acts as an incentivized 'bridging channel' for Nodes A and C to communicate and transfer data with each other).
Token Incentives

Token Incentives.

When users connect and transmit data through the iMesh network, established via StealthCrypto® technology, the contributor of the node that the data passes through will be rewarded with a proportionate amount of QMN.

EMF Protection - protect yourself from mobile device radiation

The StealthCrypto® phones are building in EMF protections in every phone for a safe, secure, and healthy phone. This protection is being backed by FCC certified lab testing and becoming our goal is to become a leader in EMF radiation protection for mobile devices.
EMF Protection
Electromagnetic (EM) fields from cellular phones were shown to have a statistically significant detrimental effect on the recovery of human DNA after heat shock. This effect was observed with cellular phones (CP) placed on standby mode when they are emitting relatively weak EM fields and after only minutes of EM field exposure. The detrimental effect of EM energy from cellular phones are completely neutralized on a StealthCrypto® phone with its EMF technology. The first in the world.


StealthCrypto® plans to establish a distributed network connectivity worldwide, regardless of existing internet access or infrastructure, by serving as primary nodes in local iMesh networks.
Quantum iMesh networks, users communicate with each other via P2P and P2P multi hop modes, making the networks more robust, stable, and private than standard internet network experiences.
Mobile phones and IoT devices become terminal nodes in Quantum iMesh networks and rely on the networks for information exchanges.

Vulnerability-free OS

Modified Kernel

The Secure OS kernel has been modified to allow users to disable hardware (USB, Bluetooth, camera, etc.) by removing its drivers from the device.

Blockchain Features

Built-in cold storage Qubit wallet which supports major cryptocurrencies, tokens, Qubit Exchange, P2P and decentralized.

Locked Bootloader

In a mesh networking Quantum iMesh network, each node acts as a router/repeater for other nodes in the network. Connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or optional connections. Decentralized communications.

Mesh Networking

In a Quantum iMesh network, each node acts as a router/repeater for other nodes in the network. Connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or optional connections.